Swimming Is More Than A Recreational Activity

Swimming is a great way to kill time on a hot day and there are so many games, activities and pass-times that swimming is essential for. Whether you are attending a pool party, spending a week on a cruise or boating at your cottage, being able to swim means that you can do more and enjoy it further.

But, swimming isn’t just a fun pass-time, it is a great way to stay healthy!

It Increases Flexibility

Swimming will by no means make you a contortionist, but it will help you stay flexible. When you swim, you are stretching and twisting various muscles which helps them remain limber.

It’s a Great Work Out

Swimming provides you with a full body workout that strengthens everything from your core to your arms and legs. This is because you are constantly moving and are using almost every muscle – your legs are kicking, your arms paddling your back is twisting with each stroke and your core is tightening, to keep you afloat and move more effectively.

Best of all, it is more comfortable than working out on land because you are less likely to overheat and there is no sweat involved.

It Improves Your Heart and Lungs  

The Technical Reason – Like any aerobic exercise, when you swim, your muscles need more energy. A key component in generating that energy is oxygen, which is delivered through your bloodstream. As a result, when you use your muscles more vigorously, your lungs work harder to increase your oxygen intake and your heart rate increases so that your heart can deliver the right amount of oxygenated blood. When this happens, you are strengthening your heart and lungs as well as improving your circulation.

The Simplified Reason – Aerobic exercises, like swimming, make your heart and lungs work harder which strengthens them and makes them more efficient.

It Relieves Stress

Exercise, in general, is good for your mental well-being as it releases endorphins which are a feel-good chemical your brain produces. On top of this, swimming has meditative qualities – the rhythm of your strokes and breathing along with the sound of water, can further add to a feeling of peace and relaxation.

No wonder people love swimming!