11 responsible travel tips for your next trip

It’s no secret that we love travelling.

In our books, being a ‘good’ traveller means being a responsible traveller.

So, here are a few easy tips for being a better traveller:

1. Slow down the pace

The world is a big place, and you’re never going to appreciate it by trying to cram too much in. Stop rushing around and take time to look around wherever you find yourself. Spend that little bit longer getting to know a city or town.

Responsible travel tip: Take local transport, ride a bike or spend a day exploring on foot.

2. Talk to the locals

Want to have the most enriching experience possible? Talk to people. Cab drivers, the shop attendants, You’ll learn so much more about the culture, the history, the food…

Responsible travel tip: Learn a few words of the local language. People will appreciate it – even if your pronunciation isn’t right.

3. Put your camera away

Don’t spend your entire trip looking through the lens of a camera.

4. Know where you are

Wherever you’re travelling, try to have some idea of what the culture’s like and read about significant historical events.

5. Refill your water bottle

While it may not always be convenient, we encourage you to avoid buying plastic bottles of water. Otherwise, look to buy larger bottles if you must purchase water.

Responsible travel tip: Pack your drink bottle. Check with your hotel or your guide as to whether filtered water dispensers are available during your trip.

6. Reduce your use of plastic bags

Plastic bags are toxic for the environment. They kill animals that mistake the bags for food. They clog up waterways and are one of the largest contributors to landfill on the planet. In short, plastic bags are incredibly harmful.

That doesn’t necessarily mean living like a local, but it might mean thinking like a local.

7. Say no to animal cruelty

Responsible travel tip: say no to activities that involve physical interaction with animals.

8. Be patient

It’s easier said than done but this travel tip is an all-rounder that comes in handy. Just take it easy, try to relax and do your best not to worry too much. BREATHE.

9. Have fun!

There’s a reason why you’ve packed your bags to go on an adventure. Leave everything behind and enjoy every moment. Try something new, be curious and take it all in.